Math Lessons While Shopping

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Teachers deserve so much credit for teaching our children. They are responsible for our children becoming doctors, teachers, and scientists.

But I agree teaching shouldn’t stop when they leave the classroom. I took advantage of our shopping trip and turned it into a math lesson. I gave Des a budget of $40 and let her choose items to buy.

She began by selecting all of the items she wanted without paying attention to the prices. We counted the items in her bag first, then added them up using the calculator in my phone. She was way over budget. She looked again at her items, this time paying attention to price. Des cried because she wanted all of the items.

I pointed to a table with a “sale $5″ sign. We put all the items back and started over. We started at the table with shirts on sale; she chose two $5 shirts. Then she selected leggings for $12. She found a skirt for $10 and we headed toward the cashier. In line, she found a pair of earrings for $4.99 bringing her total to $36.99 not including tax.

Because I didn’t want to overwhelm her, I left sales tax out of the equation. We can save that for another lesson. She had fun while adding.

Giveaway winner: how to survive mornings with your kids!



I love this post! Every family has experienced this and you have great tips and ideas that I have myself used. Everyday I have to become more and more creative. As my 5 and 7 year old grow older, I have to change with the times and grab their interest in order to motivate them to be dressed and walk out of the door. Its a challenge to motivate them and me at the same time.

I find that I use the half hour of quiet time in the morning, to get dressed and plan my strategy sometimes. Other days, I might read part of a novel I’m into, watch a clip of the morning news (mainly for the weather), or spoil myself with an omlette.

It’s about self-care and a clear mind. If I opened my bedroom door and immediately had to start answering questions about homework, school events, or anything else for that matter, I’d become pretty defiant myself.

Ladies, take care and always remember not to be hard on your self!

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L is 5. And INCAPABLE of following directions. In the morning, particularly. It’s “please brush your teeth” and “please do first pee” and “please get your clothes on” and despite many calm talks, and a chart we made called “L’s Morning,” with fetching pictures of what he needs to accomplish, AND with the sometimes-threat (delivered kindly, in my defense) that he will lose the…

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